Age: 24      Location: San Antonio, TX     Occupation: Alpha Warrior

   I grew up in New Jersey, where all of my adventures began. I was very active as a young girl and always wanted to be jumping or climbing on something. Due to all of my extra energy, my parents put me into gymnastics at age three, and I never looked back! I also participated in soccer, softball, and dance, but gymnastics stole my heart.


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   I did gymnastics for 18 years, and earned myself a Division 1 gymnastics scholarship to Towson University in Maryland.  During my 4 years at Towson I competed all around on the gymnastics

team. I also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. I absolutely adore children, and I have a passion for teaching, so this major was a perfect fit for me.

      After I finished my collegiate gymnastics career, I needed something new to put all of my time and energy into, and that is when obstacle course running became a huge part of my life. 

       My first encounter with obstacle courses was at the Alpha Warrior warehouse. I felt like I was in a huge adult playground, and I never wanted to leave. Being a part of the Alpha Warrior family, and running the Alpha Warrior course on race day has been the most fun and challenging thing I have ever done! Whether it is on the Alpha Warrior course, or the American Ninja Warrior course, running obstacles is what I want to be doing!

      I love running obstacles because it is a mental workout along with the physical. There is something in your way of getting from point A to point B, and it is up to you to make that path. I love having that kind of control!


      My support system is what always keeps me going. Things will get tough sometimes, but as long as you have good people to lean on, everything will be okay! I am so lucky to have such amazing family and friends. When I am not running obstacles, or doing other fun things, I am spending time with

the people I love.


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